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Smart, permanent outdoor lighting

As an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights, we take pride in offering innovative, customizable, and visually stunning lighting options for your home or business. Transform your space into a masterpiece of light with Gemstone Lights’ cutting-edge technology and endless possibilities.

What are Gemstone Lights?

Permanent Christmas lights and so much more!

Founded in 2016, Gemstone Lights has become the pinnacle of smart and permanent outdoor lighting solutions. Gemstone Lights are a revolutionary lighting solution that blends technology with aesthetics. These permanent outdoor lights are designed to withstand the elements while allowing you to customize colors, patterns, and effects to suit any occasion or mood. From vibrant holiday displays to elegant architectural lighting, Gemstone Lights can transform your space with a touch.

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With our expertise and the backing of Gemstone Lights, we bring you a seamless installation experience, ensuring your property shines beautifully day and night.

Gemstone light smart phone control

Permanent, customizable LED lights controlled from your smart phone

With Gemstone Lights, you have full control at your fingertips and lighting that lasts for years to come. Choose from a wide range of colours, effects, patterns, and timers to suit any occasion or mood – all from the Gemstone Lights App!


Fully Customizable Colours


Waterproof Connections


Set Multiple Timers


Warm White LED


Gemstone Lights Custom App

cloud enabled

Cloud Enabled


Bumper to Bumper Warranty


Dimmable Lights

architectural lighting

Architectural Lighting

Seasonal and holiday lighting

Gemstone Lights aren’t just for Christmas. Elevate any seasonal or holiday celebration with dazzling lighting displays that match the festivities. From Halloween to Independence Day, Gemstone Lights make your property come alive with vibrant colors and dynamic effects.


Architectural lighting

Enhance the architectural beauty of your property with Gemstone Lights. Illuminate key features, accentuate textures, and create a stunning visual impact that leaves a lasting impression.

Vantage Builders LTD Dealer Reviews

Dealer reviews

Scott’s team from Vantage Builders did an excellent job on our house! We are so happy with the lighting and have received many compliments and inquiries from interested neighbors. The lights looked great for Halloween, Remembrance Day, and now we’re looking forward to trying out the various animation settings for Christmas.

– Jaime K.

Lights are awesome. From powerful bright and active to subdued dim and stationary. Very good product and install is easy but permanent. Been waiting for 13 years for it!

– Alan B.

Both Scott and the installation team were excellent. They kept to their word on dates and both installers were very good. The lead installer Brooke Miller is extremely talented and fantastic at her job. Great knowledge and workmanship. Can’t say enough about her, I think she needs to be recognized for the quality of work she puts out. Fast, neat and extremely informative. Thanks.

– Marlene D.

We love these lights. The app is fun to play with making different patterns and color schemes and such. The neighbours love to see what’s next. Lol Great investment for any home.

– David S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Gemstone Lights Installed?

The track is color-matched to the soffit or fascia on your home. It is securely attached to the soffit by sliding one side of the track beneath the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a screw that matches the color on the opposite side.

What is the life expectancy of gemstone lights?

The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system uses the most cutting-edge LED technology available, allowing for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. With average usage being 6 hours a day, the system is rated to last around 23 years!

Do Gemstone Lights Use a lot of electricity?

Gemstone Lights utilize LED technology, which is highly energy-efficient. As a result, they do not use a significant amount of electricity despite their vibrant and dynamic lighting effects. This efficiency allows you to enjoy stunning illumination without causing a substantial increase in your energy consumption. At maximum capacity Gemstone LED lights pull 1 watt/bulb. Therefore, if you were to run the track lighting system for an average of 6 hours per day, it would cost: $4.34 per month, or $52.80 per year.

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